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Author:  Sarah
Date:  Sunday, November 07, 2004  8:01:50 PM
Subject:  Re: puzzles
Message:  Have you visited the printable puzzle section of the DLTK site?

You could also try printing basic coloring pages, and let the kids cut them apart to make their own printable puzzles.

Something we use in Sunday School - take used greeting card fronts, and cut them apart into puzzles by cutting them into 4 or more pieces, store the pieces in an envelope to keep them from getting lost, or mixed up with other puzzles.

You can take some of those drawings or coloring pages that your kids have colored, and cut them into puzzle pieces, and let the kids reassemble them. They can color, draw, or paint, and then when you cut it apart, they will have a puzzle they made themselves.

Take old puzzles with cardboard pieces that your kids do not play with anymore, put the puzzle together, and then flip it upside-down. Let your child draw or paint on the reverse side, and then you have a brand new puzzle.

There's a new product that I recently found out about known as Puzzle Clonzz, you can buy premade jigsaw puzzles from 3-40 pieces (take your pick of the number of pieces) and they feed into your printer or copier like a standard piece of paper. You can print any image that would fit on a normal piece of paper and it will automatically become a puzzle. This paper costs about $1.00 a sheet, but if you would like a set of puzzles that's sturdier than paper, it might be the way to go. You can find out more about this product by visiting their website:

For sturdier puzzles, you can print images onto cardstock (available inexpensively at Wal Mart).

For jumbo floor size puzzles, have the kids draw images (or you can trace an image) onto posterboard, cut the posterboard into pieces, for a floor puzzle that you can customize any way that you want.

There's a blank puzzle template on the DLTK site that you can use as a pattern to cut out your own puzzles (if you want the puzzle pieces to look like actual puzzle pieces and not basic shapes you might cut out of an image). You can find the template at:

Hope this helps!
Love in Christ,
Sarah in California

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