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Re: need Craft Ideas for a group of women

From: Leanne
Date: 5/31/01
Time: 3:08:40 PM
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Hi Linda,

I've given a rough sketch of a few thoughts... if you read through and have a preference but would like more details, let me know.



nice plant pot that most women would like. Easy to finish in your time limit. Crafters and non-crafters alike will enjoy.


expensive (ish) - sea sponges are quite costly the craft will take an hour to dry

DETAILS: Since it's gardening season and they're all women, have you considered painting terra cotta pots? I do my own all the time. I just base coat them with one color of acrylic paint and then use a sea sponge to dab on a second and even third color.

The nice thing is that the first coat doesn't have to dry before you dab the second coat on.

Kids can do these, but when grownups do them they turn out a lot nicer. You can even use stencils along with the craft (only sponge inside the stencils)

I like to leave the rims of my pots a solid color and just sponge paint the bottom.



There are many different varieties -- you can set up for two or three types and let the ladies chose the ones they're most comfortable with easy to finish a couple of cards in the time alloted you can also make stationary with the same methods.


Addictive *grin* some of the supplies are expensive, but if you have a rubber stamp addict or a scrapbooking addict in the group you may be able to borrow some stamps and scrapbooking supplies from them I'm not sure what season you'd do them for... maybe just generic cards (I usually make Christmas ones)

DETAILS: This is another thing I do all the time. I use a variety of methods including:

gluing on dried flowers, ferns, etc and covering with clear contact paper using rubber stamps, glitter and ink to make your own greeting cards. scrapbooking die cuts, photos and stickers stencils and paint

Use cardstock to make your cards. I often make "window cards" similar to the one I posted on the site for Mother's day (just a bit more grown up). Basically, I do all of the work on a base piece of cardstock and then glue a second piece over top. The second piece is cut like a picture frame so the work shows through. Sometimes I put clear contact paper or laminate in between (especially with the dried flower projects) to protect the work. The second piece can be a different color or decorated a different way (for example, I'll do some stencilling on the first piece of holly and berries on a cream piece of cardstock. Then I'll put an evergreen piece of cardstock over top as the "frame" and on it I'll rubber stamp with gold with my "Happy Holidays" stamp)



very easy but a nice result wide variety of things you can make


be careful what you chose to decoupage -- some can be expensive if you pick something too large, you won't get done in time. the decoupage is a bit smelly takes awhile to dry

At one time, I decoupaged EVERYTHING *laugh*. You can do small boxes, vases, wastebaskets, brown paper figures (like angels) that you can buy at the craftstore, lamp shades, pots, etc.

When I do it, I use a lot of recycled things like gift wrap, wallpaper, fabric scraps, tissue paper and (my favorite) the paper that florist shops wrap their flowers in.

Since you can decoupage pretty much any flat surface, the possibilities are endless. For a large group with limited time, you might want to just do a pot or a small vase.

I hope that helps a bit! Leanne

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