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Re: Hot Wheels Party - Box Cars

Date: 8/2/01
Time: 5:04:45 PM
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This may be a bit young for age 6, but...

Hi, I think that 3 year olds would have fun having car box races.

Basically, you take a large box (like the kind photo copy paper comes in). You can paint the entire thing or just the detailing. Cut out the bottom. Tie some thick wool on either side to make "shoulder straps" (macrame cord works well as does rope). Decorate as a car (paint on headlights, a bumper, taillights, door panels, etc).

If you make two of them you can have team races... sort of like an obstacle course for a car (put up orange pylons they can weave in and out of... you can make your own orange pylons with orange poster board bought at the craft store for about 50 cents a sheet)

Just make sure you use your child to measure the shoulder straps... you may want to cut the box down a bit shorter.

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