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Re: Pirate Party - other ideas

Date: 8/4/01
Time: 2:33:43 AM
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A couple things I have bumped into are: A newspaper hat http://www.dimdima.com/work/hat.htm (you can add things to the front to make it more pirate-y)

Childfun has a Pirates section. Not too many crafts, but lots of activities http://www.childfun.com/themes/pirate.shtml

You can make "swords" out of a gift wrap tube (this one's on my to do list, but I haven't added it yet). Basically just cut a circle out of thin cardboard (old cereal boxes). Its diameter should be about 4" bigger than the diameter of the tube. Trace the tube in the middle and cut that out. Then slide the circle onto the tube leaving enough room for the child's hand (this is the handle). Cut the tube down to an appropriate length and then cover the whole thing in tinfoil. You end up with a "sword" that doesn't have any dangerous points on it.

You can make an EASY eye patch (another to do list item that isn't done yet ... so many projects so little time). Take a circle of black felt or black construction paper (we used drinking cups to trace ours). Take a black or white ribbon that's fairly thick and measure it around the child's head, leaving enough room to tie. Fold the circle over the middle (about an inch off the middle) of the ribbon and glue the circle together (it will now be a half circle eye patch. If you want it to be a "mommy free" play toy, you can affix velcro to the ends of the ribbon (mom's job). I did this after tying and untying the patch about 192 times *laugh*

Depending on what kind of pirates you're working on, a few other crafts might work Crocodile (good if you watch Peter Pan!) http://www.dltk-kids.com/animals/mcrocodile.html The older kids prefer the paper mache alligator and you can just call it a crocodile http://www.dltk-kids.com/animals/malligator.html

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