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Re: Pirate Party - other ideas

Date: 8/4/01
Time: 2:36:56 AM
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Ideas from son's 5th party

hand hooks (roll foil like a snake, insert into a styrofoam cup and curve like a hook)

I'm dividing them into teams for a relay race of walking the plank with a gold dubloon in a spoon. I'm also planning a dig for treasure in his sandbox. I'm probably going to use tube socks as loot bags - you can string a shoelace through them to tie or simply tie a knot at the top. I even downloaded instructions for making a watermelon ship centerpiece from http://www.watermelon.org/

I'm also doing a version of musical chairs, but using colored nylon rope to create islands (circles) and calling it musical stranded island. Each child gets their own island and as the music stops, you take away an island and so on.

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