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Re: submarine paper mache'

From: Leanne
Date: 8/17/01
Time: 12:32:36 PM
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Hi Taylor,

I've never made a submarine from paper mache, but I have made a lot of different projects.

Here are some general tips:

- if using a cardboard egg carton, make sure you stuff it full of something and tape it shut before you start macheing it... mache gets everything a bit soggy and cardboard things should be stuffed so they don't crush in on themselves.

- tinfoil makes a good mold for adding parts to a project. It's easy to crumple and shape, so works well for things like periscopes and tail rudders

- http://www.hurricane.net/~kbrown/sub1f.htm has some images of submarines that might help you with the design. You'll notice the boat thins towards the back Like I mentioned, if you add wadded up tinfoil to the back of your carton, you can accomplish this thinning

http://www.dltk-kids.com/type/how_to_paper_mache.htm has paper mache recipes and more tips on how to paper mache.

I hope that helps! Leanne

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