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Re: kids party games

From: Leanne
Date: 8/17/01
Time: 12:53:28 PM
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The nice thing about an Arthur theme is you can bring in other themes by choosing different books to focus on (for example, read Arthur on the Farm and then do a farm themed game)

Who Am I? To play this game, tape a clipart image to each child's back. They then go around asking each other YES or NO questions about what is on their back. For example, "Am I bigger than a bread basket". At the end of the game, the kids get to pull the image off their back and see how close they were to finding out what they really were. You can modify this to an arthur theme by using Farm Animals and reading arthur on the farm (as an example) or you can tape one of arthur and his friends to each child's back and let them guess who they are (Arthur, DW, etc). If you're going to do this, just make sure all of the kids know enough about arthur that they can ask and answer questions about the characters.

The Buddy Game: This is similar to "who am I", but this time, you whisper to the child who they are. Tell the children that each of them has a twin or buddy in the group. They have to ask and answer yes and no questions until they discover who is the same character as them.

Bean bag tosses are good too. You can make a number of different colored targets. The kids can choose what color to throw at. All the colors have a prize associated with them so there's no winner or loser (for example, the prize might be yo-yo's and you might have a green, blue and red target to throw at -- everyone who threw at the blue target, gets a blue yo-yo, everyone who throws at the green target gets a green yo yo etc. The kids tend to throw at their favorite color so end up with a prize in that color!

You can make a bean bag toss more theme oriented by making the bean bags yourself -- with arthur, for example, take the pin the glasses on arthur templates and trace them onto felt in the proper color. Make two head shapes. Fabric glue, hot glue or sew the facial features on one of the face shapes. Hot glue or sew them together leaving a little opening -- fill with beans and sew together. You can turn the bean bag creation into a party craft -- start the beginning of the party with the craft. Let the kids fabric glue the facial features on. Have a helpful adult assistant hot glue the face pieces together, have the child fill with beans and have the adult glue shut -- let the kids take them home.

Team Scavenger Hunt -- set up a scavenger hunt and have the entire group be a team and try to find all the items. It's sort of like hide and seek with objects instead of people. You can place Arthur books/items all around the house and give the kids a list of them -- their goal is to find them all and the prize is birthday cake!

I hope that helps!

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