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Alphabet Activities for a 4 year old

From: Jonathan250371@aol.com
Date: 8/24/01
Time: 3:27:11 AM
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Help!! I'm looking for activities, crafts, ideas, etc. to help my 4 year old daughter learn the alphabet. She has trouble recognising all the letters, but has whole word recognition (i.e. she can't identify "a" or "l" all the time, but recognises the word "park" when written on a piece of paper) So far, we've worked on the colouring sheets and the tracing/writing letter recognition sheets. I've made up a game where we work on a certain letter, such as a, and I write down a series of words (like America)and she circles all the "a"s she can find. We've also started learning about animals with each letter (A - alligator, B - butterfly) and doing crafts around animal themes. So, for alligators we learned about the habitat, diet, life cycle etc and painted an alligator in the water. I'm going to make up flash cards this weekend. Does anyone have any other ideas or techniques? Hannah has expressed limited interest in the alphabet and still needs a lot of help to learn it! Thank you! - Lorna, Scotland, UK

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