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Re: Play money

From: Lorna
Date: 8/27/01
Time: 12:45:03 PM
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Jo - I am always on the lookout for old and cheap family games (i.e. life, monopoloy etc) that are for sale at garage sales, thrift shops, church sales etc. I buy these games, which usually are missing pieces and use the play money for my daughter. She has a vast array of colourful play money ranging from dollar to five hundred! Also, you could photocopy a white or lightly coloured play bill and have the children color them in (the ink from a photocopier tends not to run as some printers do when kids use markers). If you wanted to skip the coloring, you could photocopy or print onto different color paper. If the children "help" you to print off and color money why not get a book or video for the older ones that explains (simply) how the US treasury prints money? You could make templates - as the treasury does - on styrofoam and "print" the money using paint and paper. You could also contact the US treasury service and see if they have a free info pack with activities for kids. For coins: why not look into poker chips? I'm not sure how big they are, as I don't have any, but I seem to recall brightly coloured chips made of durable plastic and that you can get some quite large ones (ie - ones that you couldn't push through the middle of a toilet paper roll)Hope this helps. PS I guess I shouldn't assume you are in the US - I'm in Scotland!

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