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Re: ABC Party - The Alphabet River

From: Leanne
Date: 8/28/01
Time: 1:08:33 PM
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Make an imaginary river (you can use a driveway, sidewalk, hallway, etc)

If you have rubber snakes and stuffed crocodiles/fish you can put those around the river.

Put a row of alphabet "stepping stones" along the river.

Tell the children they have to cross the alphabet river without falling in. Point out the snakes and crocodiles and then tell them the only safe way to cross is by using the alphabet stepping stones.

To jump on a stone, the child has to say the name of the letter on it (or older children can say the name and the sound it makes).

Either have all the kids follow the same path in a cooperative manner or make a mini-race out of it by giving each child his own stepping stone path across the river.

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