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Re: Home preschool

Date: 8/30/01
Time: 3:36:41 AM
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I don't have lesson plans on the DLTK's sites. It contains a lot of information, crafts, coloring, etc to supplement lesson plans, but doesn't have the plans themselves.

If you're brand new to this I think I'd likely start at a site like http://www.homeschoolfun.com/lessons.html or http://www.lessonPlansPage.com/

Having said that, I must admit I'm personally fond of printables. I don't mind doing the occasional prop-less activity, but I usually find having a simple hand out or craft keeps the girls attention -- it's a good break.

To accomplish this, I make a lot of use of the "special days" idea to set my learning theme. So, for example, on Teddy Bear Day (Sept 9th) we'll read teddy bear stories, do teddy bear crafts, practice the letter T, put out a bunch of teddy bears and count them, sort them by size, divide them by color, etc -- we've even done goofy things like interview our teddy bears (with the teddy bear's owner acting as the voice of the bear and our hairbrush as a microphone). We'll also print out some of our dynamic tracer pages with "Teddy bear" on it so the girls can get some practice with their handwriting (the dynamic tracers are at http://www.dltk-kids.com/alphabuddies/dynamic.htm if you didn't know already)

For lists of special days along with info, activities, etc to go with try these links:




For the in between days (the few that don't have a special day) we fill in with some "standard" themes like oceans, farm animals, etc.

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