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Re: A prayer

Date: 9/12/2001
Time: 11:04:32 PM
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I was worshipping with 24 rostered leaders of the Southern Conference this morning at 9am at St. Johnıs Lutheran in Roanoke when we received the word of the two planes striking the World Trade Towers. The note was handed to me during the Hymn of the Day between the proclaimed Word received in sermon and the Word received in bread and wine. The most incredible news of evil and death was held by me between the incredible good news and life of the crucified and risen Lord. ³The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness cannot overcome it.²

Let us pray to our Lord for his steadfast love and abiding presence that we hear in his promise, ³Lo, I am with you always, to the end of the age.² Let us pray for the many victims of this day, the thousands in New York City and Washington, DC and the tens of thousands around the world each day so often unknown to us. Let us pray for those who rescue and those who stand in defense to protect, those who offer consolation and those with skills to offer comfort and relief and healing, those whose presence offers care, love, concern, and hope. Let us pray for those who govern and who work diligently for justice in our land and throughout the world. Let us pray for all those who have lost loved ones and who have yet to hear the news of a loss of a loved one. Let us pray for recovery and healing for survivors. Let us pray for opportunities to be our Lordıs mouth, hands, arms, and feet for the many who suffer.

³O Lord, hear us when we cry to you. O Lord be our helper! We cannot believe what we see and hear about fallen towers of strength and sure defenses breached. We cannot fathom the losses for so many nor the hatred so great. We cannot understand such a planned desire for shocking violence to send a message. We feel an emptiness within us.

Yet, you oh Lord by your passion and cross, by your rejection and humiliation, by your pain, suffering, and death know the depths of this worldıs hatred. Father, you who have lost the precious gift of your only Son at the hands of righteous rage, can truly fathom the loss of many in our land and around the globe this day. Let your outstretched hands of the cross gather to you those who suffer and die this day. Let the power of your resurrection bring hope and consolation. Holy Spirit, fill our emptiness with the inspiration of your gathering and consoling power. Let your light shine in our darkness; let the depths of evil, despair, death, and sin be swallowed up in the brightness of your undying love for us who cast our hope upon you alone.

We pray for your safe keeping of those who rescue and those who defend and protect. We pray for your comfort and healing through those who minister aid. We pray for your wisdom to guide those who make judgments in the days, weeks, months, and years ahead.

Lord God, we greatly love this land with its rich and magnificent beauty carved by your hands. We treasure a tradition of freedom hallowed by the freedom that has come through your Son. As we ask for your divine justice, let not your steadfast love abandon us. Let your protection rest upon all those who seek to defend and guard our land and enable those who lead to be ever mindful of your eternal reign. Amen

The Rev. James F. Mauney, Bishop

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