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Re: A prayer

Date: 9/13/2001
Time: 12:20:38 PM
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Hi everyone, need your help. Remember Band-Aid and Farm-Aid in the 80's???

Well this is Art-Aid I guess.

I was very torn up over today's tragedies so I did some patriotic artwork today. Some of my best artwork comes out when I am emotionally involved. It is artwork of an eagle and can be viewed at the link below (although it is only a detail of the 14x17" artwork)

WHAT WE NEED: My thoughts are that if I can FIND AN ART PRINTER who will make nice art prints of this, it can be sold as a fundraiser for the terrorism victims and for relief efforts, probably to American Red Cross.

I don't want any profit from the artwork, but I want to find a printer who is willing to reproduce it and return the original artwork to me. The printer could possibly be reimbursed for expenses incurred in the printing, then the rest to go to charity toward the relief efforts.

Doesn't seem like it would amount to much?

THINK ON THIS: 1,000 prints x $45 = $45,000 $45 is about average price for good quality art prints.

Click this link to see more: http://pages.ivillage.com/darligraphy/darladixonsnewestportrait/

Does anyone know a printer, especially an ART PRINTER who would be willing to do this?? Thanks very much to anyone who can help in this. I approached one art printer so far and I got a firm 'maybe.'

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