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Re: Lego Bingo Gamecard

From: Leanne
Date: 9/16/2001
Time: 7:29:15 PM
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I searched everywhere I could think to but to no avail. I did find some directions on making your own:

Lego bingo--make up bingo boards with colors across the top and numbers down the side. the colors and numbers correspond to lego blocks. i.e.--you pick up a 2x4 red, so that is 8/red (2x4=8, likewise a 1x12 piece would be 12) . you will have to select the pieces to make sure that they are all different and that you have as many numbers represented as possible. also, you don't want any doubles. You will have to assign the numbers to correspond to the pieces. I was able to get quite a variety. I can't remember what I had, but I got a lot of differnt numbers.

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