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Re: wher can i get a printable play id card?????????

From: Maxine
Date: 9/21/2001
Time: 9:56:41 AM
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Make a copy of your license, front and back. Use white out(Liquidpaper, Correct-it) to remove your information and type hers onto the copy. Take a small picture of her(school picture sometime are small enough) and put it in the place of your picture. Cut the pieces out and put them together and use clear shelf paper(the kind that sticks to the shelf) to laminate it. Be sure to leave an edge around the license of the shelf paper so that it will not come apart.

Due to the nature of the times that we live in, I would be careful of the type of information that I put on the license. Someone could have a lot of personal information from this card to use for criminal purposes.

This could be her fairy tale name and information. Things that she would like to put on the license. That way she/he sould be protected. adge around the license of the clear shelf p

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