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Re: Christian preschool halloween/fall party

From: Jane Fasone
Date: 9/28/2001
Time: 4:58:07 PM
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Halloween is a celtic celebration and Christian. It's name is derived from All Hallows Day which meant day of the saints. Since it was celebrated the night before it was originally All Hallows Eve. Somehow it got translated as Halloween.

The original eve was to lite bon fires to chase away all that was evil before a celebration of Saints was to ake place. Nov. 1 in the Christian Churches is All Saints Day and Nov. 2nd is All Souls Day. In Catholic Christian practice we believe in the Communion of Saints which has 3 parts. 1) Those who have died and are declared Saints by the Church; 2) the souls of the Just who have died and are in heaven but not known as a Saint and 3) the living on earth striving to live good lives.

Hence the two celebrations back to back on November 1 and 2. The last day of October is the eve of these celebrations and now known as Halloween.

In my Catholic Church, Saint Columba, Brooklyn, NY, we celebrated halloween in this fashion for many years. Since November 1st is a day we are required to worship at Mass at sometime between 5PM the evening before through 5PM the day of the Feast, the children of our parish were encouraged to complete a report on the Saint they were named after or a Saint they admired. The reports were hung in the vestibule of the Church. At the 8PM Mass on Oct. 31st, they were asked to dress as their Saint (costume) or to make a crown (traced from a Birger King Crown) and write the saints name on it and to keep it on during the mass. As they left Church after the service, they were handed a Trick or Treat Bag.

These activities can be used as part of all Christian celebrations. You might want to include a small party or refreshments for the children if space permits.

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