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Date: 10/6/2001
Time: 3:04:43 AM
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Bridgett, I would start by discussing this with your teacher(s) and enrolling the help of your parents. Your teacher will be able to detail both your weak points and your strengths (which are just as important as your poor grades, in fact more so because you will build upon these) Ask your teacher(s)to help you develop and ation plan to improve your grades and see if your school sytem has any arrangements for students who would benefit from extra tutoring. Perhaps you'd like to arrange a meeting with your parents and teacher(s) to help you work on this. Have your mom or dad (or both)go over your homework with you after or while you are doing it, they may be able to explain things to you in a way that you understand. I see you have a little problem with you spelling. Why not try to keep a "words" book and write down all the words that you don't know how to spell? When your teacher(s) or parents tell you a word isn't spelled correctly, go to the dictionary and look it up and write it in your book correctly. You could also do this with words you don't know the meaning of: when you come across words you do not know in your reading, go to the dictionary, look it up and add it to your vocabulary book with the word and the meaning listed. Finally, Bridgett, I think it is great that that you want to try and raise your grades. You obviously want to do it, which is the first big step. Your teacher, school and family can all help you. It may take a lot of work and a bit of time, but if you keep working at it, you'll be amazed at what you can do! Good Luck!!

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