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Re: Thanksgiving Help

From: Kristine, London
Date: 10/10/2001
Time: 5:59:43 PM
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Hi Oriana,

Here’s a possibility: Since food hygiene is a factor here, why not decorate cans of food? The children can cut pieces of paper to fit around each can which can be taped over the can’s original label (after all, the food hall will need to know what the contents are later!). They can glue other bits of paper or light materials onto the ‘outer label’ to make a Thanksgiving theme – one can have a turkey, another can have a cornucopia design, pilgrims, etc (somewhat like attaching paper dolls to the cans – I hope I’m describing this clearly!!!!). Also, if people donate boxed goods, they can easily be wrapped in brown paper and decorated with a like theme. The various shapes and sizes of the cans and boxes can then be placed together to form the centre pieces.

Whatever you decide to do, have fun and enjoy! =0)

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