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Re: 3 Year Old Lady Bug Party - Help

From: Lisa Heartz (LisaHeartz@Yahoo.com)
Date: 10/12/2001
Time: 1:58:35 PM
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As a Brownie and Guide Leader of some 30+ girls, I have a challenge almost weekly to come up with fun, interesting and inexpensive crafts for the girls to do. One we recently did was a bug on a leaf (for our camp hats)... It was really adorable and cost about 10 cents each to make!!! Can't get much cheaper than that!!! I went to the dollar store and bought green fun foam (sheets of foam) at 2 for $1.00 (Wal-Mart also has them)... And a bag of noodles that closely resembled a bug... Shells work really well. And antenee (That can also be bought at a craft store) First have the children colour the noodle with markers... Use lots of colours!!! Then (maybe in advance if the children are younger) cut the green foam into leaf shapes and sizes. (This REALLY looks like a leaf if you use scissors that have a wavy edge!). Using white glue, glue the antenee it the head of the noodle. then glue the noodle to the fun foam!!! There you have it. A bug on a leaf!!! This is really simple and not as messy as paints. If you wish, the noodle can also be seeled with a spray varnish (in a well ventilated area!!!) BEFORE gluing to the leaf. If you wish to make it into a pin, either use a regular safety pin through the top of the leaf (so the leaf will "dangle") Or you may choose to hot glue (ADULT should do this for those under 10) a pin backing on the back of the leaf. OR you may choose to make it a necklace, by simply poking a hole in the top of the leaf and adding a little string. Hope that helps!!! Have fun "BUGGING" with the kids!!!

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