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Re: Need ideas quick (I'm a procrastinator!)

From: Kristine, London
Date: 10/25/2001
Time: 5:07:48 PM
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Hello Amy,

Sounds like you have a 'formidable' task ahead of you but if you have the time, look through your son's animal-themed books. Pick an animal face which is pretty clear and photocopy it (colour printer useful but not essential). Needless to say, you will have to enlarge the picture when copying it and then colour it in.

Another idea is that you could cut a paper plate in half (or 3/4 according to child's face size) and have it so that the cut edge is about level or just below the child's nose. Ideally the plate should be yellow, but you can easily colour it if needs must. Cut circles where the eyes would be, then take a piece of orange construction paper and cut it into a long V shape. Fold it in half (like one would do for a paper airplane) to form a crease and then fold part of the top end of the V so that it can be glued to the nose area of the plate. One chick, coming right up!

Be sure to let us all know how the party goes! =0)

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