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Re: Batik instructions

From: Leanne
Date: 10/30/2001
Time: 11:57:06 AM
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Batik is usually done with melted wax. Although I'd try that method one on one with an older child, since you have some young children and a group I'd suggest using white glue instead


- white glue (the thicker the better)

- paint brush

- cold water dye (bright colors)

- sponges or sponge brushes

- large piece of white material (bedsheet or visit the scraps bin at the local fabric store) Cotton/poly blends work fine (standard T-shirt material)


Have the children draw a Caribbean style design on a piece of paper

The design can represent an ancient look (see websites like http://members.tripod.com/~Dito_Morales/springhead2.html or http://members.tripod.com/~Dito_Morales/artifact1.html for inspiration)

or it can be a more modern design

likely the easiest for young children is a bright flower, butterfly, gecko or bird designs http://www.abama-specialty-shops.com/x001g001.htm

You can print a few pages from the websites to add inspiration


Cut out squares of the material and give each child two squares. Depending on the size you use, these will be turned into pillows or bean bags for the kids to take home. If you make bean bags, you can play games with them later on

Have the children transfer their design onto one or both of the squares with a pencil (just redraw the design)

Have the children trace the penciled design with glue. Don't skimp on the glue!! Glue doesn't work as well as wax so there may be a bit of leaking, but it does fairly well.

Let the glue dry (blow dry it lightly or put it in a sunny spot to speed this process up)


Mix the dye according to package instructions. Apply one or different colors with a sponge or sponge brush. Don't use more than two colors and make sure they are complimentary as they may bleed together in a few spots (for example, use blue and yellow so if they mix you'll end up with a nice green)

Let dry.


Peel off the glue

Put the squares together and stitch or hot glue three sides. Stuff with beans or cotton. Stitch or hot glue the last side.

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