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Re: A twist on the "for kids" part

From: Kristine, London
Date: 11/2/2001
Time: 5:59:51 PM
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Hi Marcy,

Yeesh! A project for the parents sounds more difficult than a project for the kids! ;-)

Some off-the-cuff ideas would be an advent calendar (scroll down the messages to find the ones about using film canisters - it's a great idea!) and/or a picture frame Christmas ornament which they can insert a picture of their beloved little angel(s)into. A 'slant' on the xmas ornament is to make the same type of picture frame but put a magnet behind it for the fridge (geared for those who may not celebrate Christmas).

If kitchen facilities are available, why not bake cookies? I know it sounds rather 'childish', but use just a basic recipe (like gingerbread) and the parents can decorate the cookie any which way they want. If kitchen facilities are not available, bake 'em ahead of time (enlist the parents to make them from home if needs must) and bring the plain cookies and decoration materials into the school.

I'm not sure these ideas are ideal, but I'd certainly be curious to know how the crafting goes because eventually I'll be doing a similar task at my son's school!

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