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Re: Powerpuff Girl Party

From: Kristine, London
Date: 11/11/2001
Time: 5:24:23 PM
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Ok, here's an old favourite but with a twist: pin the tail on Mojo Jojo! If you can get hold of a template of the monkey, enlarge it big enough to play the game appropriately.

There is also pass-the-parcel. Wrap candies and/or small novelities between sheets of newspaper, making sure there is a prize for every child; the centre prize can be bigger than the rest if you want. Have the kids sit in a circle and play some music whilst they pass the parcel. Make the music stop after a little time, and whomever has the parcel can unwrap a layer. (If you really want to go-to-town with this, record the Powerpuff Girls themesong to use as the music!)

If you possess a punchbowl, you can make some punch and call it 'Chemical X'.

Good luck with the party!

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