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Re: printing greetingcards

From: Leanne
Date: 11/19/2001
Time: 12:52:16 PM
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That's a tough question to answer on line because everyone has a slightly different setup (different printers, browsers, settings, etc).

We've done up a Print Help page with the most common solutions (it's in a Q and A format so it should be fairly easy to scroll through quickly) http://www.coloring.ws/printhelp.htm

At the bottom of the page it lets you know how to contact me directly if none of the Q&A's solve your particular problem.

Generally speaking, though, Internet explorer defaults to one inch margins. Since this is a quarter fold card, the card ends up awfully small if you leave these defaults. The newer versions of Internet explorer automatically shrink the templates so they fit on the page. The older versions don't so the page ends up printing incorrectly. Either way, I recommend going into your File, Printer Setup and adjusting your margins to 0, 0, 0, 0 when you say ok, your computer will likely give you a box that says those margins are too small for your type of printer. It will ask "Do you want to adjust margins to the smallest possible" Just say Yes (OK) and you're ready to print.

At the same time (in the same place) I also make all the Header and Footer info BLANK so it doesn't print the date, page number etc. I find my girls get very distracted by odd bits of info stamped on their beautiful princess coloring pages *grin*

All this sounds like a much longer process than it really is. This change of settings lasts for the entire time you're on the internet. It's the first thing I always do when I sign on (part of my routine).


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