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Re: Pringles Kaleidoscope

From: Leanne
Date: 11/20/2001
Time: 2:41:33 PM
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Procedure 6. Construct a kaleidoscope with the following directions. Diagrams to assist the teacher are located after Worksheet #3 (Reference: Sterling Clark, The Kaleidescope Book (New York, NY: Sterling Publishing Company, Inc., 1992), pp. 66-67.).

1.Cut out the bottom of the Pringles can with a can opener.

2.Decorate the outside of the can.

3.Make the eyepiece using one of the end caps, with a hole cut in the center the size of a dime. Cut a piece of the thinner piece of the plastic and tape it on the inside to cover the hole. Snap this lid on to one end of the tube. To create the mirrors, first spray the white side of the mat board with an even coat of adhesive. Then press the plastic on to it. Now cut into three equal rectangles each measuring 8-15/16" by 2."

4.To assemble the mirror system, lay the three mirrors, shiny side down, next to each other with 1/16 inch gaps between each long edge. Tape across with three 8 inch parallel strips of masking tape, so that you can fold the mirrors together and tape the last seam (Shiny side of mirrors inside, forming an equilateral triangle).

5.Wrap the mirror system with packing material until it fits snugly in the tube. Push it in until it fits flush with the eyepiece.

6.Create the object chamber by cutting a 2-3/4 inch diameter circle from the thicker plastic. Place it on top of the mirror system. Form the corrugated cardboard strip into a circle, and place it on top of the plastic disk.

7.Pour some objects loosely into this chamber (do not pack tightly).

8.Cover with the other plastic lid. 9.Look through the eyepiece as you rotate the tube, and watch the patterns change and enjoy the BEAUTY OF SYMMETRY!

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