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Re: Paper Cup Crafts

From: Leanne
Date: 12/4/2001
Time: 11:51:53 AM
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The simplest paper cup Christmas craft I've done is to make bells. Have the children cover the paper cups with tinfoil or wrapping paper OR let them paint the cups in Christmas colors. You can clip out images from old Christmas cards, stickers, wrapping paper or computer clipart and glue them onto the side of the cup as further decoration. Have an adult poke a hole in the top of the cup with a pencil. Thread a piece of yarn or a pipecleaner through the top. Tie/thread a large bead through (inside the cup) -- it must be big enough that it won't go through the pencil hole. About 3 inches of wool/pipecleaner should be left hanging down inside the cup. Tie a second bead to the bottom of this string. Tie a third bead on the top side of the cup (so the string doesn't slip through and come out).

You can use two buttons instead of large beads to keep the string from slipping through, but a bead or jingle bell works best tied to the bottom of the string. When you wiggle the cup the bead will knock on either side like a bell. If covering with foil, tape it on instead of gluing it -- glue doesn't work well on tinfoil.


I've had some people write in that they've done the tp roll crafts using paper cups instead of tp rolls.  You might be able to make the santa tp roll craft with cups instead as long as the cups aren't too large.

Instead of using the rectangle from the template, they have the children paint the cup. Then they glue on the other pieces.



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