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Christmas Reindeer Candy Canes

From: Emily
Date: 12/5/2001
Time: 8:22:37 PM
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Take one candy cane (kids like the good flavors). Cut one brown pipe cleaner in half. Use the half pipe cleaner to twist on the top of the candy cane for the antlers. (if it was a real walking cane, the antlers would go where your hand would go to walk with the cane; around the curve). Glue small movable eyes onto the candy cane below the antlers and use a pom pom for the nose. (nose would be at end of the curve. Kids like to choose the color of pom pom (and color of eyes if you don't want to use black). This idea is in christian magazines so I can't take the credit but kids love them! My mother-n-law first showed me this idea. My 4 year old daughter made them for her preschool class this year and it was a hit!

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