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Re: some christmas ideas

From: Leanne
Date: 12/7/2001
Time: 5:10:35 PM
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I haven't done plate painting, but I have done etching with the girls. They masking tape a design onto a clear glass paint. Then cover with etching cream (wear rubber gloves) -- either the children can do the coating with the etching cream or you can (young children can easily do it as long as they're supervised... you just slather it all over). Wait the recommended time and then dunk in a sink of water and sponge off.

Remove the masking tape. Where there was tape, the plate will look see through. Where there was no tape, the plate will look frosted.

It's a good project to do because the kids can arrange their masking tape design, take it off, rearrange it, etc. until they're happy with it.

You can also use stickers instead of/as well as the masking tape. So, for example, put star shaped stickers all over the plate and then cover with the etching cream.

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