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Re: Airflight ideas please

From: Sharon
Date: 12/13/2001
Time: 4:51:42 PM
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Hi, flying with a four year old is a challenge, but can be fun, too. One thing, I always do when going on long flights is grab a pillow and blanket out of the overhead bin, when we first get on. Otherwise in the middle of the night they are long gone! Kristine's idea to taking a long a small tape recorder is what we do also. Just be sure to take extra batteries. We usually take one box of colored pencils and a small pencil sharpener as crayons break easily. We also take along stickers. For games, we have our daughter's favorite small stuffed animal and it performs puppet shows - only on board the plane. Mom and Dad take turns sitting next to her, so that when one person has run out of ideas the next one thinks of something. There is usually so much going on that the children do not get bored. Don't forget to get up and walk around the plane as much as you can. If you are going on jumbo jets you can walk down one aisle and then come up the next. Have a wonderful trip. P.S. quiet rythm games can be played. When waiting between flights, do as much walking and stretching as you can!!!

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