The benefit of going through these instructions is that the same ideas can be used for many sites with colouring pages or templates (I know they're long, but they'll help you out!).

I finally figured out why some people were having troubles with printing and am slowly converting all the templates to a better format.   Basically, all computers have print settings that allow you to chose LARGE or REGULAR fonts.  The site was designed with REGULAR fonts in mind.  If you have your computer set to LARGE, some of the templates will print out about 1/2 the size they should.  If you're having this trouble, email me which craft you want and I'll convert that one ASAP.  Here are some more hints for you...

All my templates are designed on a 7.5 x 10 inch grid (which should, in theory, easily fit on an 8.5 x11 inch piece of paper). Different computers and browsers are different, but here's as much detail as I have on getting things to print properly...

If printing with a PC:

In order to conserve paper, fit the template and not print an extra sheet with each page, set the top bottom, right and left margins of your printer (usually this is under "File- Printer Setup" or "File - Page Setup") to zero inches or to as close to zero as your browser will allow.

If printing with a Mac:

First, wait until the entire picture is loaded on the screen. To shrink the artwork slightly so it fits nicely across one sheet of paper, go to the File menu and select Page Setup; then type 95% in the box for reducing/enlarging or scale selection. Click on OK, then print. (You can experiment with the percentage by using the Print Preview feature to see how it will print, then adjust if necessary.)


If you still have trouble printing, download each page to a separate file on your hard drive (in Windows, right click on the image and then select "save image as", with the Mac, hold down the mouse button until the download options appear). Then open a paint or photo application (Microsoft Photo Editor works great) Microsoft Powerpoint also works well.


  • Open the file you saved.
  • Click the FIT TO PAGE button in the bottom, center of the window
  • Click OK


  • Start a new, blank presentation
  • FILE, PAGE SETUP, PORTRAIT WIDTH 7.5 HEIGHT 10 (I think this is the default),
  • Click OK
  • INSERT, PICTURE, FROM FILE ... pick the file you saved