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DLTK's Recipes for Kids...
and Parents!
(otherwise known as "Tasha's Tasty Treats")

This section started as all the recipes my kids like to help make (and that they enjoy eating!). My oldest daughter (Tasha) is especially fond of helping in the kitchen (she's the best Caesar Salad maker in our home). Because she's the head kid-chef, we've nicknamed this section "Tasha's Tasty Treats". 

Over the years we have added many contributions from our viewers.  Thank you!

The most recent addition to the recipes are printable versions in three sizes: 3x5 inch, 4x6 inch and full page all offering plain or themed versions.  We will continue to add more themes in the coming months.

ARTICLE: Allergy Alert -- things to keep in mind when planning or attending a party or preparing food for groups of children -- article includes a recipe for an allergy wise birthday cake.

Here are our 10 most recent recipes:

Noah's Ark Dog Biscuits
Give this recipe a try...
Noah's Ark Dog Biscuits
   Rhubarb Muffins
   Roll Kuchen
   Corn Syrup Paint Greeting Cards
   Chocolate Cake Pops
   Grandma Gloria's Rhubarb Crisp
   Banana Chocolate Chip Muffins
   Fruit Pizza
   Little Cups of Tea
   Dump Cake


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