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DLTK's Bible Crafts for Kids
Angel Crafts

If you want a little inspiration before you start crafting, check out our Angel Quotes.

Angel quotes craft

Angel Messages in a Jar Craft

Age 4+ - best if able to use scissors

Angel Container Craft

Angel Milk Carton Container

Age 4+

autumn angel craft

Autumn Angel Fun Foam Craft

Age 5+

Coffee Filter Angel

Coffee Filter Angel

Age 3+

angel coin or pencil holder craft

Coin or Pencil Holder Angel

Age 3+ - easy version

Age 6+ - paper mache version

paper cone angel craft

Cone Angel

Age 3+

crocheted angel

Crocheted Angel 1

Crocheted Angel 2

juice can lid angel

Fridge Magnet Angel

Age 3+

Handprint angel craft

Handprint & Footprint Angel (with poem)

Any Age

heart angel craft

Heart Angel (Craft Foam)

Age 3+

lollipop angel

Lollipop Angel

Age 5+

popsicle stick angel craft

Popsicle Stick Angel Craft

Age 4+

spoon angel craft

Spoon Angel Craft

Age 4+

angel craft

Toilet Paper Roll Angel

Age 4+

This was the first craft I ever posted on the website!

Angel Vase

Vase Angel

Age 6+