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Watch What you Say

Thanks to Amy for sending this in to us!


I looked up "backbiting" on the Internet today.  I'd been feeling a lot of pricks from the Holy Spirit about my running mouth, especially when it comes to talking behind someone's back.  The article I found was through Intervarsity Christian Fellowship and said that we, as humans, even Christians, enjoy talking negatively about other people because it makes us not only feel better about ourselves, but also more connected to the person with which we're sharing the negative information.

I felt the exact experience he described. We think it makes us more interesting to our friends if we're sharing something tantalizing about someone else. We have to guard our hearts judiciously, and that might mean guarding our lives from relationships that tempt us to backbite and gossip.

When I'm having lunch with a friend, and I look forward (after looking over both shoulders) and begin to unload negativity and slanders in whispers, I will think "What would Jesus do?" I think He would stop, lean back and begin talking about something that's pure, true and right instead.

Learning this lesson made me somewhat sad. "You mean I can never say one negative thing again--not even just in venting?" I thought.  It made me a little nauseous until I realized that God was chiseling me into Christ's likeness.  It was going to hurt, and I termed it my "growing pains." Then I thanked Him for molding me into His image.  It's awesome to think He takes the time.

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