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DLTK's Bible Songs for Kids
Bible ABC's

Adam and
The Bible too 
Cain was marked - because he slew 
David fought Him - with a rock 
Enoch enjoyed - his godly walks 
Five thousand feed - with just two 
God our father - loves me and you 
Heaven is promised - no hurt on pain
Ishmael was the first - who came - but without her love he had no gain 
Jesus loved me - so much he died
King Solomon heard their cries - his first decision was the baby dies
Lazarus knew death twice 
Mary gave birth to - Jesus Christ
Noah led two - by two 
An olive leaf - life anew 
Pilate cru - cified Christ 
Queen Esther obtain - royal life, beauty abundance was her price 
Resurrection in - 3 days
Saul saw him now Paul's his name 
Thorns where place upon his head, blood ran down his face with red 
Uriah was Bathsheba first
Victory with our new birth 
The whale swallowed Jonah for 3 long days
Xerxes chose Esther with just one gaze 
Yield your heart in your youth 
Zacchaeus was too - short to see, so he climb - a sycamore tree 

Know you've heard our ABC's from the B - I - B - L - E, which is the book for you and me, we stand upon the word of God the B - I - B - L - E (clap clap)


Bible ABC's color poster 2

Song poster/coloring page
(color)   or   B&W)

Thanks to Robyn for sharing s simpler version of the song with us!

A is for Adam
B is for Bible
C is for Commandments
D is for Daniel
E is for Earth
F is for Fish
G is for Goliath
H is for Heaven
I is for Isaac
J is for Jesus
K is for King
L is for Lamb
M is for Moses
N is for Noah
O is for Olive Branch
P is for Plague
Q is for Queen
R is for Resurrection
S is for Samson
T is for Tower
U is for Unleavened Bread
V is for Vine
W is for Whale
X is for CrucifiX
Y is for Yoke
Z is for Zacchaeus

Written by: Robyn C. White

NOTE: You can either read or sing. But whichever one you choose
please may the Lord always be with you!


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