Bible Songs: Put on the Armor of God

I'd like to add my special thanks to the folks at the website for graciously providing us with the lyrics to this song.  They have the sheet music, a Christian Children's Songbook and the CD for sale on their site so make sure to check out their on-line store, there are lots of other great songs like this one available on the CD.

Make the Armor of God paper doll or click the links in the song to go to a wearable craft idea.  Some of the wearable projects were designed specifically for the Armor of God section, while others were existing projects on the site that are easily adapted to the Armor of God theme (ex:  use tinfoil or foil giftwrap for the recycled vest to make a righteous breastplate)

It makes a cute Sunday School presentation if the children dress up in the crafts they've made and sing the song.

Words and Music by Brian Howard

Put it on, put it on, the armor of God
Everyday we need the armor of God
Put on the armor of God.

Wear the belt of truth around your waist
Over your heart goes a righteous breastplate
On your feet wear the Gospel of peace
For the enemy's arrows use a shield of faith.

The helmet of salvation goes on your head
So when the battle gets hard you can stand
Use the sword of the Spirit, it is God's word
Use the sword of the Spirit
And stand, stand, stand on His Word.

The battle is not against flesh and blood
But spiritual forces so put your armor on
Stand in the battle and stand for the truth
Everyday God's armor will help you.

© Mission Hills Music (BMI)

All rights reserved. International Copyright Secured.  Used by permission.

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