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DLTK's Bible Songs for Kids
God made the Dinosaur

Contributed by Rita!

"I am not gifted in music but when I asked the Lord for a praise song for our Joy Time during our dinosaur theme, He just dropped this one into my heart.  I don't know if you are familiar with the Angel Wings cartoon series, but this song is sung to the tune of one of the songs from that series."

To the Tune of "God Said it and it was so."
Theme from the "And It Was So" video, part of the Cherub Wings series.

God made the dinosaurs big and tall.
(children reach hands up high and stretch)

God made the dinosaurs short and small.
(children squat down close to ground)

God made the dinosaurs that fly through the air.
(pretend to fly)

God made the dinosaurs everywhere.
(hands out)

God made the dinosaurs so they can ROAR
(of course we ROAR loudly!)

God made the dinosaurs so they could snore
(put head on folded hands, close eyes snore)

God made the dinosaurs so they could STOMP
(stomp of course)

(their favorite part of the song! stomping and roaring)


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