DLTK's Bible Activities for Kids
Abram Makes Peace
Genesis 13:5-18

I really enjoyed using the Clip & Tell Bible Stories by Lois Keffer with my girls (ages 3 and 7).  You can purchase it using the link above from Amazon.com or you can likely find it at your local library.  My oldest liked snipping out the patterns and the youngest liked to watch while trying to guess what would be created.  Tasha (the oldest) did the story reading as well.  It was great reading practice for her.

I've included excerpts from the Abram Makes Peace story here plus a reasonable likeness of one of the "least creative" cut outs in the book (just a sheep paper chain) -- least creative in no way equals bad!  It's simply that for copyright reasons I was not comfortable including some of the others.

There are cutouts for each of the 25 new and old testament bible stories included in the book (each story has 2 or more cutouts included with it).  The cutout patterns in the book have "permission to photocopy for local church use".

Excerpt from the book in italics (cut out the sheep as you read the story).

The Story:

When Abram traveled to the land of Canaan, he took everything he owned.  Abram was very rich.

He had lots of tents, lots of silver, lots of gold, and herds and herds of animals.

Abram's nephew traveled along with Abram.  His name was Lot.  And guess what?  Lot had lots of animals, too.

Between Abram's sheep and Lot's sheep, there was hardly enough grass and water to go around.

(unfold the paper chain at this point to show the many sheep to the children)

Before too long, Abram and Lot realized that there just wasn't enough for everyone to stay in the same place.  Abram was older and had the right to choose first, but he did not want to argue over land.  Abram allowed Lot to choose where he wanted to keep his sheep.

Lot chose the beautiful valley with the city to the East, while Abram ended up with rugged hills and not much water.  So it was decided that Abram would stay in Canaan while Lot would move near the city of Sodom.

Lot chose to live in the rich fertile plains near Sodom where the men were very wicked.  Do you think Lot made a good choice?

Before too long a war broke out between the kings that lived near Lot.  Lot and his family were taken prisoner and all of their possessions were stolen!

Abram heard the horrible news.  Even though he now lived far away, he was still Lot's uncle!  He organized his servants and set out to rescue Lot and his family.  With God's help, Abram rescued his nephew, Lot's family and recovered their possessions.

The Craft:


Folded Sheep Template   (B&W only)


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