DLTK's Bible Crafts for Kids
God made the animals A thru Z

One of the main lines to the Creation Song is "God made the animals A thru Z".

If you're interested in doing a short performance for your church, have the children learn this song.

Create some animal puppets or masks.  You don't need to do an animal for every letter of the alphabet, but try to get a good variety.

The paper animal crafts, paper plate animal crafts and toilet paper roll animal crafts on this site can all be affixed to a popsicle stick, tongue depressor or paint stirrer and turned into puppets.

Younger children should make the paper and paper plate crafts and older children should make the toilet paper roll animal crafts.  If you have a youth group of teenagers that you wish to have help with the performance, you can have them do a few of the more challenging paper mache animal crafts.

Have the children sing the Creation song and add actions to the last two lines (there are 4 lines per verse and the last two lines of each verse are the same in each one):

God made you and God made me  
(with your free hand, point to the congregation and then to yourself)

And God made the animals A thru Z
(wave your animal puppets around and/or put masks in front of face)

A few of my favorite animals to make for this performance are:

Older kids can do choose from some of the paper mache animals.

If doing the crafts with a 1 adult to 1 child ratio, the child can be towards the young age of the spectrum.  If doing the crafts with a group of children, the kids should be older.)  

In other words, a 3 year old can easily make a toilet paper roll craft if sitting with her mom.  But in a large group, the children should be 5 years old to do toilet paper roll crafts since they'll be pretty much unassisted.

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