DLTK's Sunday School Lessons
The Tower of Babel

by Leanne Guenther

Sunday School Teacher's Guide - this is just one possible lesson plan.  Visit the Tower of Babel Bible lesson plan for further ideas to supplement this.


This next lesson is about the Tower of Babel.  This story teaches a lot about human pride and how much God hates pride.  Pride is the root of all sin because it causes us to turn away from God instead of growing closer to Him.  Plus the story includes God's miraculous intervention to put an end to the people's sin by creating different nations and languages.

The message:

Preschool thru Grade 1: God hates pride.

Grades 2 and 3:  God hates pride, it's the root of all sin.

I've split this message into two separate ones depending on the age level.  For the younger children, the message is simple:  God hates pride.  At first I thought the word "hate" might be a little harsh for the young kids, but why sugar coat something like pride.  It's a clear, simple message and should get the point across.  For the older children, we expand on this message and say: Pride is the root of all sin.  We sin because we put our wants before God.

Make sure you repeat the message many times during the lesson.  Send the Tower of Babel Take Home Sheet  home with the children to encourage parents to reiterate the message during the week.  It includes a poster at the bottom that the children can color and hang on their wall or refrigerator.

Preview of the lesson:

Some people like to do craft time first and story time second and some like to switch it around.  I like the first option, myself.

Always consider offering the Coloring Page for children who aren't interested in participating in the group activity (or if you get done the group activities very quickly and need something to fill in the spare time).  Everyone has a need for "alone time" once in awhile.  Also, sending home the mini book or coloring pages with the Take Home sheet provides parents with much needed help in reinforcing the lessons.  You can make a nice little booklet each week with the Take Home Sheet on top -- I promise that most parents will appreciate the effort! 


Time Allotted



Receive name tags.  Have the children use crayons, markers, yarn, feathers and whatever other materials (such as sparkle glue) that you have available to personalize their name tag.

Sing the Learning our Names song 

10 to 15 minutes Pyramid name tags, scissors (or adults can precut),  crayons, markers, yarn, safety pins or tape.

Game time!

Preschool thru Grade 1: Use the Tower of Babel Word Search (easy grid).  The class can also color this when you're finished!  Talk about what the words mean so they understand them.

Grade 2 and 3: Use the Tower of Babel Crossword Puzzle.  Discuss the answers with the class (you may want to do it together).  You can copy one for each child and they can color it as well.  Also complete the Tower of Babel Word Search (15x15 grid).  Talk about what the words mean so they understand them.


15 to 30 minutes 
depending on your
adult/child ratio
Preschool thru Grade 1: Tower of Babel Word Search template. paper, printer, something to color with.

Grade 2 and 3: Tower of Babel Crossword Template and the Tower of Babel Word Search template.  paper, printer, something to color with.

Bible Story Time:

Preschool thru Grade 1:  Read The Story of the Tower of Babel (or read from your own store bought children's bible).

Grades 2 and 3:  It's tough to know when it's the right time to start readings from the Bible, but if the children have been read a children's version of the story in the past, I believe this is a good age to introduce the King James (or your preferred) bible reading.

10 minutes The Coloring Page can be distributed to the children so they are able to color at home, or during the story.


Preschool thru Grade 1: depending on the time remaining ask the children who they think they're better than?  Everyone is special and we should know that we aren't better than anyone else. What does it means to be humble? (not always thinking that you're right, listening and obeying others, and treating others the same).

Grade 2 and 3: depending on the time remaining ask the children how they treat others they think they're better than?  Who do they think they are better than?  Discuss how it's important to remember that we aren't better than anyone and we should treat others the way God would treat them.  We can be humble by listening to God, our parents and others in authority, then we are being humble.

All Grades: Use the crafty snacks recipe to make an easy Tower of Babel treat for the end of class.

Standard ending song: "We Love to Learn Together"

5 to 15 minutes

Brainstorm Board (chalkboard, whiteboard, poster board,...)




Words to:

Standard ending song: "We Love to Learn Together"


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