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DLTK's Sunday School Lessons
What is the Bible?

by Leanne Guenther

The Bible is that big, old looking book that sits on mommy and daddy's shelf.  But it's more than just a big old book!  The Bible is full of adventure, mystery, and rules that we should all follow.  But most importantly, everywhere you look in the Bible, you will find a promise from God.

The Old Testament Promise: The Saviour is coming
The New Testament Promise: The Saviour has come

The Bible was not written by just one person, but was written by many different authors -- each one of them guided by God.

The Bible is made up of 2 different, but connected books - The Old Testament and The New Testament.  The Old Testament is made up of 39 smaller books.  The New Testament is made up of 27.  All of these books are also divided into chapters and each chapter contains many different verses.

We've already learned some of the stories from the Bible.  It's a very exciting book!  In the Old Testament, we read about the creation of the whole universe, huge floods, burning bushes and major showdowns where God helps the little guys win.  In the New Testament, we will read even more exciting stories about an evil king and a tiny baby who turns out to be the most important person that ever lived!

In the Old Testament books, the story of the beginning of the Universe and the creation of man are found.  We learn about brave men like Noah, David, Daniel and Moses and we learn about brave women like Ruth, Esther and Sarah.  Throughout the Old Testament, God asks His people to obey His laws, but over and over again His people disobey him.  Despite this disobedience, God promised to make a way for all things to be right again.

The New Testament tells us how God's promise that he made in The Old Testament came true.  The New Testament is all about the birth, life, teachings, death and resurrection of a very special person named Jesus Christ.

Jesus is the saviour promised to us in the Old Testament.  In the New Testament we learn what Jesus taught and what happened in His life. We also learn how Jesus made the Old Testament promises of salvation come true when He died on the cross for us.  The very best part of the story is that Jesus came back to life.

The Bible is like a long letter written to us from God.  He made sure there were stories that we can learn from, and if we're ever having a bad day the Bible can help with that too.  He made sure there were plenty of verses to make us feel better, and tons more where He tells us that He loves us.