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DLTK's Bible Songs for Kids
I Love to go to Sunday School

Thanks to Glenn for sending this in!

I love to go to Sunday School
To learn the Word of God.
I want His truth my life to rule
And light each path I trod.

I love to go to Sunday School
And learn to love Christ more;
To make myself a better tool,
As we God's Word explore.

I love to hear the Bible read,
And hear its stories told.
I love to know what God has said,
For it my life will mold.

I love to memorize the Word,
And hide God's truth within.
There's nothing I have ever heard
Like it to keep from sin.

I love to sing the songs of praise,
And clap my hands with joy.
It makes Sundays the best of days,
And all my doubts destroy.

I love my Christian family
Brothers, sisters in Christ.
I hate to be an absentee
For such love can't be priced.

So listen to this song I sing,
And come with me my friend.
We'll follow Christ our living King,
And praise Him without end.



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