I'm a Little seed poem for kids

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I'm a Little Seed

Thanks to Buneva for sharing this action rhyme with us!
"I used this with my 2 and 3 year olds when talking about creation. It also works well with springtime and Easter."

I'm a little seed hiding deep in the ground,    
(child squats down and covers his head with his hands and arms)

And the sun shines, and the rain falls, and I pop up my head,    
(quickly uncover head and look up on "pop")

I reach up my leaves,    
(begin to stand and stretch arms up)

And I stretch up to the sky,    
(stand tall and reach up)

Now I'm a beautiful flower,    
(bring hands to side of face)

Blowing in the breeze!    
(gently sway from side to side)



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