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DLTK's Bible Activities for Kids
Jonah and the Big Fish (Whale)
(Jonah Chapters 1-4)

bible stories for children

Jonah and the Fish/Whale

Children's Version

King James Version

Memory Verse

Teacher's Guide

old testament coloring pages

Jonah and the Fish (Whale) Activities

Coloring pages:  Fish

Coloring Pages:  Old Testament

fish fingerprint craft

Jonah and the Fish (Whale) Activities

Games and Puzzles

Jonah and the Fish (Whale) Activities
Games and Puzzles

mini book

Jonah and the Fish (Whale) Activities
Men of the Bible Mini Book

Print and assemble your own story of the Men of the Bible mini-book..

name tag

Jonah Name Tag:  Fish Name Tags

Jonah and the Whale poems and songs

Jonah and the Fish (Whale) Activities
Poems and Songs

Jonah worksheets

Jonah and the Fish (Whale) Activities


Viewer suggestion.  Thanks for sharing!

Bob wrote:  "For Jonah and the Whale lesson, I purchased a pizza kit and pepperoni.  Together we made the kit and shaped it into a whale shape. The students cut and arranged the half pieces of pepperoni to resemble scales (whales don't have scales, but it was fun nonetheless). Bake according to instructions, and enjoyed! 30 minutes start to complete."