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A viewer contributed this.  Thank-you so much Ters!

A man was sent by God's Spirit
to pay Nineveh a visit.
He had to warn them
about their sins which God condemns.

Jonah was scared,
So off he fared
in a ship far away,
instead of God to obey.

When a big storm struck,
the sailors knew who brought bad luck.
They threw him into the ocean,
That brought a whale into motion.

One bite!*
and Jonah got himself a room for the night.
For three days he learned to pray and to preach,
when finally the fish spat him out on to a beach.

Now Jonah was filled with repent.
So off to Nineveh he went.
He warned them about their wicked ways,
and God saved a city in forty days.

Written by Ters van Wyk


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