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Thanks to Betty for sharing this poem with us!

The cows went in by sevens, for they were clean you see;
all the clean animals went in by sevens a-he and a-she.
Then the unclean animals went in by two's a male and his mate;
and 'all' the birds went in by sevens,
him and her...they went in together, they flew in two by two.  Now Noah and his family went into the ark,
a family of eight for a brand new start,
listen, brother Noah you know what to do; you must 'propagate.' 

Ride the waves for a year brother Noah then start the world a-new,
with your three sons and their three wives;
you and your Mrs. have a world to resupply.
You can eat the clean animals and sacrifice them too;
but the unclean animals are not for food, now! 
Don't forget those creatures that crawl; bring them in by two's.
Noah this is My Covenant with you.


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