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DLTK's Bible Songs for Kids
Noah and the Ark rap

Thanks to Leslie for sharing her song with us!
"I'm teaching it to the kids in our church and we are going to have the older kids rap it and we'll have props and an ark that floats by and so on."

By Leslie Rummel – September 2006

God saw that man
Had lost any kind of worth
So He made the choice to end all life
And destroy every living thing on earth!

Where's Noah, where's Noah
Where's Noah, where's Noah

Along came a fellow
A good and righteous man
And he was told
By God to build
A really big boat with his own two hands...

Ping, ping, ping, ping
Ping, ping, ping, ping

Seven days later
The rain began to fall
But the ark was built with cypress
And was wide and very tall'

There were three decks on the boat
With a door built on the side
And the animals came two-by-two
To the ark that Noah did provide...

Let's go animals, let's go (clap, clap)
Let's go animals, let's go (clap, clap)
Fox, goat, sheep, ox, and a really big, wild boar
Were making lots of noises, WOW
You could hear the lions roar!!!


Food was kept in storage
On the ark for them each day
God took good care of them
And helped them through the rainy days!!!

They're bobbin', they're boatin'
They're out there, a-floatin'...

It rained and rained for forty days
And also forty nights
It was wet, dark, cold, and gray
And the only thing that was in sight were...


The ark was high above the land
But eventually it sat
On top of a giant mountain
that they call Mt. Ararat...

The rain stopped -the flood was done
And everything was dry
Then God made a promise and
He put a rainbow in the sky!!!


Noah bowed before our God
And did a real cool thing
He built an altar for the Lord
And made burnt offerings...

God was pleased that everyone
Was home safe and sound
So He made a promise to them all
Never again would He curse the ground...

They thanked Him
They thanked Him
They thanked Him
They thanked Him

By Leslie Rummel – September 2006

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