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Thanks to Ters for sharing her poem with us!

The land was a playground,
Much more noise than sound.
Any deals bribed for a shilling,
And the prostitutes made a killing.

"Noah, this is My voice,
My people leave me no other choice.
Nobody takes heed of My call
And I have decided to end it all"

Up to now there was no rainbow,
No seasons defining a time to plant, to reap and to sow.
People could not have seen very far,
At that stage they had not even have seen a star.

I command you to build Me a boat,
It will keep a pair of each species of animal afloat.
You don't have to worry about the design,
I'll make sure that it will just work out fine.

Soon the luscious foliage, covered in the hothouse mist,
Will completely fade, will stop to exist.
The skies will clear, welcoming the ultra violet rays,
From now on to 120 years, I will number your days.

Once the cargo was on board, all the "crew" could do was sit,
No motor or steering needed, because God set it on auto pilot.
Noah was a little worried about their destiny but,
What he didn't know was that they are heading (or destination) was for Ararat.

Yes it did start to rain
The whole human race felt the pain,
Of a lifetime's regret from unrepented sins.
As God was filled with tears and the devil grins

Today we are covering the earth, filling each and every space,
Carelessly still carry on, missing Gods amazing grace.
Let us therefore keep on spreading the seed,
'Cause He will return to reward each and every deed.



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