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DLTK's Bible Songs for Kids
Noah's Song

Thanks to Janice for sending this in!
To the tune of "Clementine".

God looked down upon the earth; people lived so wickedly;
Just one man still loved the true God; Noah and his family.
Then to Noah God gave plans for the building of a boat.
So when rain came, all his family and the animals could float.

Noah sawed and cut and pounded as he worked upon the wood;
He was building a big boat__just like God said that he should.
All the people stood by watching but; Noah still obeyed 
For he knew that God is holy, and he didn't dare delay.

God looked downed upon the earth,__and He saw a great big boat;
So he knew that His friend Noah had it ready then to float.
Then to Noah God did say,__"I will take good care of you,
And I'll bring to you the animals; they'll go on in pairs of two."

God then brought in cows and chickens and he brought in two big cats,
dogs, and rabbits, all the monkeys, lions, snails, and even bats.
There were birds and reptiles too, all the creatures walked right in.
God then shut the door behind them; soon the rain would begin.

Oh, it rained and rained and rained-- causing such an awful flood.
But the boat just kept on floating, never stuck in any mud.
Oh, the rain just kept on coming for forty long, long days;
Then at last God stopped the rain and the wind and the waves.

When the water had all cleared, and the land was green and dry,
Noah sent a bird out flying up into the blue, blue sky.
When the bird did not return, it was time to leave the boat.
Then God promised with a rainbow, "No more flood will cover earth."



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