Rock-a-Bye Moses

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DLTK's Bible Songs for Kids
Rock-a-Bye Moses

Thanks to Janice for sending this in!
To the tune of "Rock-a-Bye Baby".

Actions are in blue!

Rock-a-bye Moses in your small boat 
Rock pretend baby.  Cup hands like boat.
Made by your mother so it would float.

Make wave motions with hands
God planned you special, a baby dear.---- 
Point up
Rocking and sleeping without any fear.
Rest head on hands..

Rock-a-bye Moses in your small boat.
Rock baby
Miriam watches you as you float.
God's loving care guides a princess your way.
Walk 2 fingers
And Miriam runs to get mother today. 
Run 2 fingers

Moses is growing into a man.
He learned God wants us to help when we can.
He saw sev'n sisters with sheep at the well. 
Hold up 7 fingers
And he gave them water, when others were cruel. 
Pretend to draw water from a well

Taking his sheep to the desert one day.
Moses saw fire from a bush on the way.
It burned and burned but did not burn away. 
Shake head no
Then God spoke to Moses, I'm with you always. 
Point up



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