DLTK's Bible Activities for Kids
DLTK Bible VBS Guide

These are merely suggestions I've written to give you a starting point for an "active time" during your VBS.  Feel free to use them, add to them, or get your own ideas from them.  A big thanks to Jessica the Pastor of children's education from my church who implemented these ideas at our VBS this past summer.

Keep in mind, if the leaders are enthusiastic the kids will be.  The younger kids (age 3-5) just need simple activities and some room to run around.

Outdoor Fun

If you have a large area outside (a parking lot or a grassy area) mark it off with pylons or whatever you have handy to keep the kids in a certain area.  Spend a few minutes on each activity or let the kids play at many different stations.  I've seen this work with about 25 (3-5 year olds) and 1 leader to about 4-6 kids.

Ideas for 6-9 year olds:


Activity Centers (indoors)

These ideas can be used outdoors as well, but they're good for indoors if weather or space doesn't allow. Small groups or 4-5 at each station for 5-10 minutes works well with these activities.  For additional ideas check out the time filler ideas.


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